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Jaime Maestro / 2014 / Social;Environmental;Science Fiction;Fantasy / Spain / Without dialogues / 09'18'' / HD /


For millions of years Gea has lived as a refugee in her masterpiece, inside a isolated dimension. Her energy is scarce but her work means her whole life for her. With the help of her old machines she works in her creation. Time doesn´t mean anything in this place until a voracious technological being appears to exhaust it, destroying Gea and her masterwork.

Jaime Maestro

After several years in Valencian producers, reaches Pasozebra 3D Supervisor. With the short film "Mr. Rag" won a nomination Goya and Oscar in 2006. Among its clients, works like Disney Channel series "Alfred the Postman" and advertisements for Cuétara Flakes. He founded, with two partners, of Keytoon Animation Studio, where he worked as Creative Director with clients such as Curious Pictures, Disney Channel, Mattel or Paramount Pictures. He collaborated in the preproduction of "Aristocats 2" for Disney and directed several short films, including "The Grandfather of Soul", SIGGRAPH 2007 finalist. "The Smoke Seller", the PrimerFrame second short film was nominated and finally won in 2013 the Goya for Best Animated Short Film. Over the next two years, he directed the shorts of each generation of students of the school PrimerFrame: "The Face Thief" (2013), "Orbits" (2013), "Gea" (2014), "Katakroken" (2014) and finally "Oa" (2015).


CARTON, Argentina (2015) / Cortada - Festival de cortos de Vitoria Gasteiz (2014) / Cinema Jove International Film Festival (2015) / Anim!Arte International Student Animation Festival (2014) / Festival Nacional de Cinema de Macaé (2014) / FICA Festival Internacional de Cine Ambiental (2014) / Anifilm, Czech Republic (2015) / Ecozine, Spain (2015) / FERATUM Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Tlalpujahua (2015) / Green Bay Film Festival (2015) / Innsbruck Nature Film Festival (2015) / La Ruta Más Corta (2015) / South Bay Student Video Festival (2015) / Cine a la Calle. Barranquilla (2015) / Festiver, Festival de Cine Verde de Barichara (2015)
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Torrevieja Audiovisual (2015) Best Animation Short Film / Festiverd, Venezuela (2015)  Best Animation Short Film  / Festival de Cine Infancia y Adolescencia, Colombia (2015)  Best Animation Short Film  / Almeria en Corto Film Festival - Spain (2014) Best National Short Film / Cinema Blue Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes, Spain (2015)  Best Animation Short Film  / FENAVID Festival Internacional de Video - Bolivia (2015)  Best Animation Short Film
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