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Popcorn - Sergi Vizcaino / 2017 / Adventure / Spain / Without dialogues / 9'30'' / HD /


Marley is a popcorn enclosed in a Popcorn case from an old movie theater. His only dream is to watch a big screen movie. But first he must escape from the crystal cage.

Sergi Vizcaino

He was born in 1977 and is a film director, passion that he likes to share with his university students to whom he transmits all the best of himself even professional secrets, for him, the cinema is not a profession it is a vocation. He teaches film and communication classes at: ESCAC, ESERP University Foundation, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Blanquerna (Ramón Llull), INIRP -International Institute of Public Relations-; CONSEDOCH - European Higher Council of Doctors and Doctors Honoris Causa. In 2011 he released his first feature film as a director: XP3D, produced by RODAR Y RODAR, responsible for THE ORPHANAGE and LOS OJOS DE JULIA. Previously, he had written, produced and directed short films such as TIGHT (2006), which won an award at the Sitges International Film Festival among other festivals. He has been a jury in a multitude of film festivals, such as the FANTASTIC FILM INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SITGES 2012 and 2013, TERROR FESTIVAL OF MOLINS DE REI 2007, CINECULPABLE DE VILAREAL 2013, among others.


Festival de Cine de Sant Joan d'Alacant (2018) / Festival de Cine de Alicante, Spain (2018) / Muestra de Cortos de Aquí y Allí de Elda, Alicante - Spain (2018) / Festival de Cortometrajes Radiocity, Valencia (2018)
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Muestra de Cortos de Aquí y Allí de Elda, Alicante - Spain (2018) Best Music, Audience Award