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María Pulido Aguza, Alba Capilla Elena / 2017 / Drama / Spain / Without dialogues / 3'49'' / Full HD /


Ana is a young woman full of insecurities. Burdened in her worries, she wants to accept her true identity, but her anxieties keep her from enjoying life. Ámome is a surrealist allegory wich claims that self-acceptance and honest interpersonal communication are necessary to develop a capacity to love.

María Pulido Aguza, Alba Capilla Elena

María Pulido: Graduated in Fine Arts by Universidad de Granada and with a Animation Master by Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, she works as a animator and freelance ilustrator. Alba Capilla: Graduated in Audiovisual Comunication by Universidad de Valencia and with a Animation Master by Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, she has worked as child books ilustrator and as animator, editor and corporative video designer.


Cortoons Festival Gandia (2018) / Festival de Cine y Televisión Reino de León (2018) / Stop Motion Barcelona Short Film Festival (2018) / Videomedeja, Serbia (2018) / Ciclo de Cortometrajes Agustí Comes, Spain (2018) / Festimaj, le cinéma du monde (2018) / Toyama International Film Festival, Japan (2018) / Festival Corto de Ciudad Real - Spain (2018) / Desafío Buñuel, Teruel (2017) / Prime The Animation, Valencia (2017) / Festival de Cortometrajes Radiocity, Valencia (2018) / Mostra Cinema Jove d’Elx, Spain (2018) / Festival de cortos de Rodinia, Valladolid (2018)
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Desafío Buñuel, Teruel (2017) Best Film, Best Edition