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Primeros días

First Days - Luis Eduardo Pérez Cuevas / 2017 / Drama; Social / Spain / Without dialogues / 12'51'' / HD /


Alba and Martin keep afloat at the expense of a great sacrifice. They fight day in day to save the little they have in common. Their relationship has gone through endless crisis, but no one has reached such dimension. Time runs against them and they are prepared to build dykes to stop the disaster. Neither humiliation nor shame will break their unconditional love. They are prepared to assassinate the morale.

Luis Eduardo Pérez Cuevas

Graduated in Journalism (UPV). Director, script writer and executive producer. He has directed the creative area of several producers and is the author of numerous formats of entertainment, fiction and animation. He has made documentaries on child exploitation and the consequences of the armed conflict in Colombia. Producer and director of the short films "Ahora vuelvo" y "Fieras"; among its many selections include: ALCINE, Cour Toujours, Festival de Málaga, Medina del Campo, Odense Internacional Film festival, Teheran Film Festival, Festival PNR Madrid or Lanzarote International Film Festival.


Quartmetratges, Spain (2017) / Curt al Pap, Spain (2017) / FeciBogota Festival de Cine Independiente de Bogotá (2018) / CLAM- Festival Internacional de Cinema Solidari de Navarcles, Spain (2018) / Festival du Film Court en Plen Air de Grenoble (2018) / Premios Pávez, Spain (2018) / Muestra Internacional de Cortometraje Solidario y Sensibilización de Ciudad Real (2018) / Mediu Güeyu Film Festival (2017) / FESCIGU Festival de Cine Solidario de Guadalajara (2018) / Festival de Cortos Villa de La Orotava, Tenerife (2018) / Festimatge. Festival de l’Imatge a Calella (Barcelona) (2018) / En Xicotet: Mostra Audiovisual Vila d'Onda (2018) / "Ciudad de Soria" Short Film Festival (2017) / "Ciudad de Soria" Short Film Festival (2018)
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Curt al Pap, Spain (2017) Best Short Film / CLAM- Festival Internacional de Cinema Solidari de Navarcles, Spain (2018) Audience Award