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Bienvenido a casa

Welcome Home - Miguel León Marcos / 2017 / Family Drama / Spain / Spanish / Subtitles: English / 14' 52" / HD /


The story of a Spanish family over fifty years told without leaving their house.

Miguel León Marcos

Film director, scriptwriter and producer. He’s been a script coordinator and scriptwriter in several Tv series. He’s been script analyst in Spanish and South American film producers. He’s won three consecutive writing grants for scripts from the Cinematographic Valencian Institute with the science fiction feature film “Last Mission” (2010) and the documentaries “20$50C” (2011) and “505” (2012). He has produced and directed the shortfilms “My little sister” and “Haute Couture”. He is currently in preproduction of a documentary about his car, '505 or why we adore objects'.


Festival de Cine de Sant Joan d'Alacant (2018) / Piélagos en Corto (2018) / Cinema Jove International Film Festival (2017) / Quartmetratges, Spain (2014) / Quartmetratges, Spain (2017) / Green Bay Film Festival (2017) / VOC Premis i Mostra d'Audiovisual en Català, Spain (2017) / CLAM- Festival Internacional de Cinema Solidari de Navarcles, Spain (2018) / Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Vila-seca (2017) / Cortocomenius, Valencia (2017) / Curts de Moscatell (2017) / Premios Turia. Concurso de cortometrajes 'Cada minuto cuenta' (2017) / Cortopilar, Spain (2017) / Festival de Cine de Alicante, Spain (2018) / FESCIMED Festival de Cortos por la Memoría Democrática (2017)
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Quartmetratges, Spain (2017) Best Fiction Short Film / Quartmetratges, Spain (2014) Best Screenplay (Screenplay Awards) / Green Bay Film Festival (2017) 2nd Round Award  / VOC Premis i Mostra d'Audiovisual en Català, Spain (2017) Audience Award / Premios Turia. Concurso de cortometrajes 'Cada minuto cuenta' (2017) Best Short Film / Jameson Notodofilmfest (2017) Zona Pitch Award / Grand OFF World Independent Film Awards Warsaw (2017) Nominated in category BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN and B / Certamen de Creación Audiovisual de Cabra, Spain  (2017) Best Screenplay
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