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Anatomía de la mirada: Silvia . Ramón

Anatomy of the ways of seeing: Sylvia . Ramon - Juan Falque / 2016 / Social;Historical / Spain / Spanish / Subtitles: English / 20'44" / HD 4K /


I observe a photograph: it impresses and moves me,... and also disturbs and haunts me. It is asking me a question, and comes back to my mind constantly, demanding an answer.

Juan Falque

Juan Falque (San Sebastián) is a scriptwriter, producer and editor. He began to work in the realization in 2006, when his short film "Patio interior" was released. Since it, he has been dedicated to making documentaries, such as "Pirates!" (2014), "Down to earth" (2014) or "Anatomy of the Look: Silvia Ramón" (2016)


Muestra de Documentales LUPA (2017) / Huesca Film Festival (2016) / Leiden International Short Film Festival, Holland (2017)
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