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Dent de lleó

Dandelion - Jorge Bellver / 2016 / Drama; Human Rights / Spain / Without dialogues / 6'55'' / HD /


The wind has no boundaries, dreams have no limits. The flight of a dandelion from the heart of Africa to our coasts symbolizes future hope for millions of people in a globalized world.

Jorge Bellver

Jorge Bellver (Valencia, 1975) is a producer, director and photographer from Valencia. His training is in the publicity area, combining his freelance work with fiction productions. And so, he has worked in making music videos, commercials, infomercials, short films, series and online contents, as well. In 2012 he has been started to work in animation films, as scriptwriter and director of an animation serie called 'Greta y Los Vegefantásticos'.


Cortoons Festival Gandia (2017) / CreatRivas (2017) / Festival de Cine y Televisión Reino de León (2017) / Piélagos en Corto (2017) / Shorty Week (2017) / Concurso cortODS, Spain (2017) / Quartmetratges, Spain (2016) / "Pixelatl “Eso que nos une”, México (2017) / Curt al Pap, Spain (2016) / Festival de Cortometrajes de Eibar, Spain (2017) / Festival Internacional de Cine Y Video Kayche, México (2017) / Sedicicorto International Film Festival Forli  (2016) / Cine a la Calle. Barranquilla (2017) / Arroios Film Festival, Portugal (2017) / Fic Esmi, Argentina (2017)
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Arroios Film Festival, Portugal (2017) BEST ANIMATION SHORT FILM / International Festival of Red Cross (2017) BEST FILM AWARD IN CATEGORY RED CROSS/RED CRESCENT / Curtas Festival de Verín (2016) FIRST AWARD AT EMIGRATION THEME SECTION
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