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Alta costura

Haute Couture - Miguel León Marcos / 2015 / Drama; Comedy / Spain / Catalan / Subtitles: English / 12' 08" / Digital /


Sole prepares for her first date in months: the perfect chance to wear a smile and her favorite dress again. But a problem with its zip will unexpectedly force her to face his past, asking for help to the last person she wants to see.

Miguel León Marcos

Film director, scriptwriter and producer. He has worked as script coordinator and scriptwriter in several TV series and shows. He has produced and directed the shortfilms 'My little sister' and 'Haute Couture'. He is currently in preproduction of a documentary about his car, '505 or why we adore objects'.


Cinema Jove International Film Festival (2016) / Quartmetratges, Spain (2015) / Cortocomenius, Valencia (2016) / Festival de Cortometrajes Radiocity, Valencia (2016) / Festival Locercacurts de Montornés de Segarra, Spain (2016) / WIN5- Certamen Internacional de Cine y Vino, Spain (2016) / Festival de Cortometrajes del Órbigo 'Luna de Cortos' - Spain (2016)
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Quartmetratges, Spain (2015) Best Catalan Language Short Film / Festival de Cortometrajes Radiocity, Valencia (2016) BEST CATALAN LANGUAGE SHORT FILM