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Dirty Martini

Iban del Campo / 2009 / Documentary;Portrait;Erotic / Spain / English / Subtitles: German;English;French;Spanish;Basque / 24'00" / Mini DV /


Burlesque is the new punk rock according to Dirty Martini, who reveals some of the secrets of his art in night clubs and cabarets in New York’s Off-Off Broadway, where the revival of burlesque as a form of mass popular entertainment is exported to the rest of the world. Ladies and gentlemen, burlesque is back!!
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Iban del Campo

Mondragón, 1971. The first film that Iban saw at a cinema was Dersu Uzala, by Kurosawa. The first film he made was Circo Raluy (Raluy Circus). In 2001 he enrolled on the Artistic Documentary Master's Course at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, where he directed The gas man. In Barcelona he worked as a producer for Canal Plus, Cuatro... In 2007 he returned to San Sebastián to direct a documentary series for Euskal Telebista. Following his television experience, he directed the short film Lo bakarrik (Only Sleep), and created the production company Limbusfilmak with Harkaitz Cano. He simultaneously teaches documentary at Mondragon Unibertsitatea. In the summer of 2008 he enrolled on a documentary course at New York University. And there he is, between fiction and documentary, in a permanent state of jet lag without even taking a plane.


Cinema Jove International Film Festival (2010) / Montelly Film Festival. Lausanne (2010) / Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt - Germany (2010) / Message to Man International Film Festival. St. Petersburg (2010) / Zinebi Bilbao Intl. Film Festival - Spain (2009) / Curtocircuito- Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Santiago de Compostela (2010) / Alcine - Festival de cine Alcalá de Henares, Spain (2010) / Cine a la Calle. Barranquilla (2010) / Festival ‘O Curt. Napoli (2010) / Festival Internacional de Cine de la Ciudad de Chihuahua (2010) / Free Net World Film Festival. Nis (2010) / Festival de Cine de Madrid-PNR  (2010) / Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market, Japan (2010) / Euganea Film Festival. Monselice, Este (2010) / MECAL- Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Barcelona (2010)
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Curtocircuito- Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Santiago de Compostela (2010) "Onda Curta" Award / Free Net World Film Festival. Nis (2010) Best Documentary / Festival Internacional de Cine de la Ciudad de Chihuahua (2010) Jury's Special Mention / Festival de Aguilar de Campoo (Spain) (2009) Best Edition / Open Cinema Film Festival. St. Petersburg (2010) Special Jury Prize / Festival de Curtmetratges Curt.doc de Vidreres (Girona) (2010) Jury's Special Mention
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