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Voice Over Voice

Malene Choi / 2007 / Experimental / Denmark / Danish / Subtitles: English / 24'00" / Beta SP /


In a hypnotic movement Voice over Voice leads us into a universe, where sounds of the city and disturbing experiences provoke our consciousness. The voices´ intimate confessions of longing and fear of having and loosing create painful connections between themselves, the viewer, and the city. The film generates a trembling sense of ambiguous nature of man and city, somewhere between beauty and brutality.
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Malene Choi

Born in 1973, she has studied at the National Film School of Denmark. She has worked on several short documentaries: “Essay” (2000), “Une Femme” (2003), “Sister Palsang Amor” (2003), “Con ella” (2004), “Insh Allah” (2005).


Nordisk Panorama 5 Cities Film Festival (2007) / Uppsala International Short Film festival (2007) / Odense International Film festival (Denmark) (2007) / Festival Internacional de Filmets de Badalona, Spain (2008) / Semana De Cine Experimental de Madrid (2007) / Écrans Documentaires de Arcueil (2008)
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Semana De Cine Experimental de Madrid (2007) Best Photography