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Line Klungseth Johansen / 2011 / Experimental / Norway / English / Subtitles: None / 05'07" / DCP /


All noise contains coloured particles of different substance and meaning. Fragile and sensitive, the fragments glide into abstract lines, colours and composition, creating Flimmer.
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Line Klungseth Johansen

Line Klungseth Johansen was born in Fauske, Norway. She has a master in Film Science, and has worked as a director and a photographer for fiction and documentaries productions. Line currently works as a festival producer for Minimalen Short Film Festival in Norway.


Nordisk Panorama 5 Cities Film Festival (2011) / Minimalen Short Film Festival Trondheim (2011) / Signes de Nuit Film Festival Paris (2011) / Uppsala International Short Film festival (2011) / Kortfilmfestivalen Grimstad, Norway (2011) / Tromso International Film Festival  (2012)
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Minimalen Short Film Festival Trondheim (2011) Best Prerunner Trondheim Kino / Signes de Nuit Film Festival Paris (2011) Distribution Award / Tromso International Film Festival  (2012) Tromso Palm