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Felix Dufour-Laperriere / 2010 / Experimental / Canada / Without dialogues / 05'40" / 35 mm /


In Strips, a vintage erotic film is cut into stripes and then reassembled. As these filmstrips are displaced and manipulated, a shift from figuration to abstraction is occurring. A playful look at what is shown and hidden in the image, on the appearance of an erotism and on the ideas of presence and absence. In cinemascope.
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Felix Dufour-Laperriere

Felix Dufour-Laperriere was born in 1981, in Chicoutimi, Quebec. He studied, lives and works in Montreal. His films have been presented in numerous national and international galleries, museums and festivals. He co-founded the online gallery


Clermont Ferrand (2011) / Vila Do Conde (2010) / Cinema Jove International Film Festival (2011) / Tribeca Film Festival - New York (2011) / Zinebi Bilbao Intl. Film Festival - Spain (2010) / Anima Mundi - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil (2010) / Melbourne International Animation Festival (2011) / Oberhausen Film Festival (2011) / Ankara Festival on Wheels
 (2011) / Melbourne International Film Festival (2010) / Animafest- World Festival of Animated Film in Zagreb (2010) / Dresden International Short Film Festival (2011) / Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur  (2010) / Timishort International Film Festival (2011) / Anifest - Czech Republic (2011)
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Vila Do Conde (2010) Prix Onda Curta
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