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El Vespre

The Morning - Joan Martín Giménez / 2009 / Drama;Comedy / Spain / Without dialogues / 04'54" / HD /


He believed that life had nothing left to offer... an elderly man gets up to face what should be the last day of his life.
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Joan Martín Giménez

Just finished the animation module in the School of Art and Design Pau Gargallo. He has also participated in master classes at the Festival of Animated Film in Segovia "Ánima". He is currently studying the first year of the illustration module. He has participated as an animator and writer at the head of the International Festival Filmets 2007. In 2009 he made his first animated short film titled "El Vespre". Currently, he is shooting his second film, which is already underway.


Festival ARTÍfice de video-cortometraje - Granada (2009) / CONTRAPLANO - Festival de Cortometrajes de Segovia  (2010) / Festival Internacional de Filmets de Badalona, Spain (2009) / Certamen de Cortos Pata Negra Guijuelo  (2009)
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CONTRAPLANO - Festival de Cortometrajes de Segovia  (2010) Best Animation Shortfilm / Certamen de Cortos Pata Negra Guijuelo  (2009) Audience Award