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Mika Tervonen / 2010 / Thriller / Finland / Finnish / Subtitles: English / 14'57" / /


Pokayoke is a story about Tuomas who has lost his parents in a tragic accident. Tuomas causes other people accidents as well and photographs them. Suddenly a dark figure appears in his pictures and it seems to follow him. Is somebody after Tuomas or is it just his heavy conscience?
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Mika Tervonen

"I wanted to reflect the negative and more darker feelings inside me." That was Mika's reply when asked why he wanted to make this film. Those feelings have to come somewhere quite deep since for people who know him well, Mika is a very positive and nice guy. But then again, still waters run deep. The other reason for Mika to film Pokayoke is his love of genre films and to give the film festival audiences an interesting and different film to watch. Mika also wishes to continue his career by making more genre films with strong scripts that are also visually inspiring. To make the kind of a film that you rarely see in Finland is one of his future hopes. To balance with his visual world Mika rocks it out on his spare time playing in two different punk bands. Filmography: Pokayoke, 2010 (fiction short film, director, graduation film), Paperheart, 2007 (charity fund commercial for the Finnish Broadcast Company, director), Nachtessen, 2007 (fiction short film, director screened on several film festivals internationally, won audience choice award at Iik! Horror Film Festival).


Sitges (2010) / Taipei County Film Festival, Taiwan (2010) / Krakow International Film Festival (2010) / International Student Film Festival in Písek, Czech Republic (2010) / Bloody Xmas -horror festival, Czech Republic (2010) / Grossmann Film and Wine Festival, Slovenia (2010) / BRNO 16 - International Short Film Festival, Czech Republic (2010) / NIFFF - Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film  (2010) / Leeds International Film Festival, UK (2010) / X_Science: Cinema tra Scienza e Fantascienza, Italy (2010) / International Student Film Festival in Czech (2010) / Espoo Ciné International Film Festival (2010) / International Student Film and Video Festival of Beijing, China (2010) / Munich International Short Film Festival, Germany (2010) / Open St.Petersburg Student Film Festival Beginning, Russia (2010)
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International Student Film Festival in Czech (2010) Jury Award
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