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Chema García Ibarra / 2009 / Science Fiction / Spain / Spanish / Subtitles: English / 07'27" / 35 mm /


The experiment was almost a success: protomatter exists.
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Chema García Ibarra

Chema García Ibarra was born in 1980 in Elche (Alicante). In 1997 he made his first short film, Aneurisma, which won the Audience Award and the Best Screenplay at the Valencia Cinema Jove Meeting for Young People. With a BA in Advertising and Public Relations, in 2007 he directed Miaau, which was selected for the Sarajevo Film Festival. He has directed music videos for bands like Klaus&Kinski, Parade and Alondra Bentley. In 2008 he wrote, produced and directed the short film El ataque de los robots de Nebulosa-5, which was selected for 200 film festivals throughout the world, including Sundance (where it was awarded with an Honourable Mention) and the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes. All in all, that short film won over 90 awards and was short listed for the Oscars and the Goyas. Protopartículas is his third short film.


Sundance International Film Festival (2011) / FANT Festival Bilbao - Spain (2010) / Festival de Cine de Madrid-PNR  (2010) / Odense International Film festival (Denmark) (2010) / Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón - Spain (2009) / REC Festival de Creació Audiovisual de Tarragona, Spain (2010) / CONTRAPLANO - Festival de Cortometrajes de Segovia  (2010) / Riga 2ANNAS Short Film Festival  (2010) / FEC Cambrils - Reus (2010) / Abycine. Festival de Cine de Albacete, Spain (2009) / Festival Ibérico de Cinema de Badajoz - Spain (2010) / Redondela en Curto. Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes, Spain (2010) / VISUAL, Festival de Creación Audiovisual Ciudad de Majadahonda, Spain (2010) / Festival de Cine de Alicante, Spain (2010) / Festival Internacional de Filmets de Badalona, Spain (2010)
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Sundance International Film Festival (2011) Jury Honorable Mention / FANT Festival Bilbao - Spain (2010) Best Short film Award / FEC Cambrils - Reus (2010) Special Mention / Abycine. Festival de Cine de Albacete, Spain (2009) 3rd Jury Prize / X_Science: Cinema tra Scienza e Fantascienza, Italy (2010) X-Faculty Award - Special Mention / Festival Cine Paradiso de Barrax, Albacete (2010) 2nd Jury Prize
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