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Monstre Sacré

Jean-Claude Rozec / 2009 / Tale / France / Without dialogues / 09'35" / Beta SP /


Born accidentally among ducks, a dragon as gigantic as he is harmless, suddenly becomes a media star. Wrongly considered by humans as a wild and bloodthirsty creature, he soon finds himself lost in the urban jungle…
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Jean-Claude Rozec

Jean-Claude Rozec was born in Lorient in 1978. He realized his first works at the university of Rennes 2, where he was studying performing arts and modern literature. In 2001, he took part in the creation of Blink, a student association which gave rise to several stop-motion animated films. Since 2002 he has been working as a story-boarder and animator on series and short-films. He co-directed Dame Saccharine and Chevaliers with Julien Leconte in 2003, two animated films which have been selected in many festivals, including Annecy, Fipa and Trébon. With The perfect weapon, he was rewarded with the third prize of the jury and the prize of the public at Edit 8 festival in Frankfurt in 2005. In 2008, he signed the graphics on the series Ar re Shlak, written by Christophe Lemoine, and directed the first 19 episodes. Monstre Sacré, his third short-film, obtained the Toon Boom prize in the projects competition at the Annecy animation film festival 2008.


Annecy - France (2010) / Sitges (2010) / BAF animation festival - Bradford - UK (2010) / Ottawa International Animation Festival (2010) / SICAF- Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (2010) / Anim'est Animation International Film festival Bucharest, Romania  (2010) / London International Film Festival  (2010) / Off Courts Trouville sur Mer, France (2010) / Ciné Jeunes St Quentin et dans l’Aisne (2010) / Festival Silhouette (France) (2010) / Les Nuits Magiques - Bordeaux - France (2010) / CICDAF - China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival (2010) / Fantoche, Festival d'Animation a Baden (2010) / Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (Montreal, Quebec) (2010) / Milano Film Festival, Italy (2010)
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Annecy - France (2010)  Prix Toon Boom, Annecy 2008 / BAF animation festival - Bradford - UK (2010) Films for Children Award  / CICDAF - China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival (2010) Special Distinction  / Cinématou, Genève (2010) Prix du public IKEA
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