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Acabo de tener un sueño

I've just had a dream - Javi Navarro / 2014 / Social / Spain / Various languages / Subtitles: Spanish / 7'25'' / HD /


Irene is eight and she just woke up from a horrible dream.

Javi Navarro

Javier Navarro Montero is a screenwriter, director and film producer from Valencia (Spain). Educated as Engineer, his love for cinema since childhood takes him to Madrid (Spain) in 2009, where he studied film directing and screenwriting at ACE (Spanish Short Film Agency). There, he establishes friendship with consolidated filmmakers, who push him to achieve his purpose and with whom he works as an assistant director. Javier continued his audiovisual training in Valencia, specializing in Film Directing. At 2014 he directed the short film "I've just had a dream", which has obtained more than 235 awards, most of them international, and the short has been screened at over 800 film festivals worldwide.


Cleveland Film Festival (2015) / Festival Internacional De Cine Cartagena De Indias - Colombia (2014) / St. Louis International Film Festival - EEUU (2015) / TIFF - Tokyo International Film Festival (2016)
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