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Lundi Matin

Monday Morning - Nicolas Boulenger / 2011 / Drama / France / French / Subtitles: English / 16'20" / HD /


Joël, the king of salesman, is off to a very particular day of work.
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Nicolas Boulenger

Born in a cargo ship between France and Canada, Nicolás followed his parents, who worked as diplomats, to the United States of America, where he learned to write and to know Jerry Lewis’ disciples’ comedy. Nowadays, he lives in Normandy, where he continues to write and direct films.


Villeurbanne Film Festival - France (2011) / Off Courts Trouville sur Mer, France (2011) / Vaux en Velin, France (2011) / Festival du cinéma de Douarnenez - France (2011)
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