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Chansons Z'enfantines vol.3

Songs for children vol.3 - Emilie Vanvolsem and Emmanuelle Reyss / 2009 / Musical / France / French / Subtitles: None / 24'50" / Digital Betacam / All Audiences


Every child knows nursery rhymes. They hear them in school and on CD’s received at one time or another as presents. These nursery rhymes are timeless. To perpetuate the tradition, we decided to breathe new life into them. A pretty and colorful world was created to nourish a child´s imagination and put images to words such as crocodiles, boats, little mice, etc. It’s a little like the picture dictionary concept. You learn the singular, the plural, colors, a few expressions, etc.


Emilie Vanvolsem and Emmanuelle Reyss

Created in 2001, Le Regard Sonore Productions is specialising in conception, creation and production of 2D/3D animated TV series. Le Regard Sonore Productions developed a technique simple but effective: integrate the children into the process of creation, work with class which make it possible to test the pilots of projects in collaboration with teachers. ‘’We want to satisfy the thirst of knowledge of childrens and providing them the joy of living!’’.