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But Milk Is Important

But milk is important - Eirik Gronmo Bjornsen and Anna Mantzaris / 2012 / / Norway / Without dialogues / 10'38'' / /


A man with social anxiety gets followed by a naive and clumsy creature. Terrified the man tries to escape, unaware that the creature is actually a helper with slightly unconventional methods...
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Eirik Gronmo Bjornsen and Anna Mantzaris

Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen, born 1987 in Sandnes, Norway. Went to Art School for two years before studying animation in Volda. Been into making stories since he started out as a kid doing Lego animation with the family's video camera. From there he has had a passion for Stop Motion. Anna Mantzaris born 1986 in Stockholm, Sweden, studied two years at Art School before she packed her bags and moved to Norway, where she took a bachelor in Animation. Anna has a big heart for Stop Motion, things with a handmade feel and telling stories!


Annecy - France (2013) / Giffoni Film Festival, Italy (2013) / Anifest - Czech Republic (2013) / Vis Vienna Independent Shorts (2013) / Minimalen Short Film Festival, Trondheim, Norway (2013) / Athens Animation Festival, Greece (2013) / Guanajuato International Film Festival - Mexico (2013) / Libelula Animation Festival, Barcelona (2012) / International Motion Festival, Cyprus (2013) / Fredrikstad Animation Festival , Oslo (2012) / Frame by Frame  (2013) / Be there! Corfu Animation Festival, Greece  (2013)
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Athens Animation Festival, Greece (2013) Best Student Film, 1st Student Award from the Post / Fredrikstad Animation Festival , Oslo (2012) Best Student Film / Frame by Frame  (2013) Audience Award