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Along the road

Längs Vägen - Jerry Carlsson & Anette Gunnarsson / 2011 / Drama;Social / Sweden / Swedish / Subtitles: English / 07'22" / /


Two truck drivers have a secret relationship. They meet up at a rest area along the road, but both of them are longing for something more. One single shot portrays the men’s struggle to keep their relationship from falling apart, and at the same time their struggle to keep it invisible to others.

Jerry Carlsson & Anette Gunnarsson

Anette Gunnarsson. Born and raised in Bromölla, a small village in the south of Sweden, she graduated Medieinstitutet -08, which is an qualified vocational education in Stockholm. She has been freelancing since 2007 and worked with both TV and Film. Today Anette studies at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. Jerry Carlsson was born and raised in a small town in the north of Sweden called Piteå. At the age of 18 he moved to Stockholm to Study “Baskurs i Film” at Dramatiska Institutet. There the foundations of Tjockishjärta Film started together with four others. Today Jerry studies directing at the School of Film Directing in Gothenburg.


Inside Out Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (2011) / CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival (2011) / Cinema Jove International Film Festival (2012) / Paris Courts Devant (2011) / Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films (2012) / Gothenburg International Film Festival (2011) / Alcine - Festival de cine Alcalá de Henares, Spain (2011) / International Festival of Non-professional Film Makers Tallinn (2011) / Corona Cork Film Festival  (2011) / Roze Filmdagen (2012) / Human Rights Film Festival, Barcelona (2012) / Queer Lisboa (2012) / SF Shorts – San Francisco International festival of Short Films (2011) / Yasujiro Ozu International Short Film Festival - Italy (2011) / Pink Apple Film Festival (2012)
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International Festival of Non-professional Film Makers Tallinn (2011) 3rd Prize / SFV - Festivalen (2011) Best Cinematography, Best Sound, 3rd prize
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