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Why register?

In order to buy any of the products in our catalogue, you need to create an account with a username and password and complete a simple profile. We need this information to succesfully process your orders. It's important that you keep your profile updated.

Each time you log on to your account, you will be able to access several private areas, that include: My shopping basket, My Wishlist, My Downloads, Rate my films and My Profile.

What is "My Wishlist"?

If you find something worth paying a deeper view later on, you can add it to your Wishlist. It will be stored there for your review whenever you log on to your account. Once you are ready with it, you can remove it with a single click.

What is "My Downloads"?

The downloads area is a single place where you can find all the short films that you purchased as a download. You will have several formats to choose from and the download links that will expire after some time. We provide our downloads DRM free because we think it's an obsolete technology that increases cost without adding any value.

How can I rate the short films I own?

When you buy one of our short films, either as a download or custom DVD, you will be able to rate and comment it. You will need to log on for this procedure. Just click on "Rate my films" on your account and choose the short film you want. Your score and comments will be fed into our recommendation system to improve its recommendations.

How can I update my account data?

Just log on to your account with your username and password and go to "My Profile".

How can I browse your catalogue?

Our online catalogue uses a tab-like navigation:

  • "DVD à la carte" tab: here you will find all short films you can add to a compilation and create an on demand DVD with.
  • "Downloads" tab: here you will find all short films of our catalogue available as single downloads, bundled with subtitle files.
Can I search your online catalogue according to my own preferences?

Yes, of course. You can search anything in our catalogue in several ways, all of them quick and easy:

  • Use the categories tree under the Catalogue link on the left navigation column, which we have defined for easy access. With the "Sort by" combo you will be able to sort the shorts in each category by several criteria, like year, country, length...
  • Use the tag search box just below our logo on the left by using any words you wish (titles, directors, or simply concepts).
  • Or use our advanced search, which lets you refine and extend your search criteria to genre, type, length, language, country, and so on.